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Post Operative FAQ

Post Operative FAQ

Question: Once my drains have been removed, how do I care for my drain site?

Answer: After the drains are removed, we will place a gauze over the drain site with some paper tape.  We have the patient remove this gauze after 24 hours and place a Curad bandaid to this site.  The site closes in 48-72 hours after which the patient may remove the bandaid.

Question: What type of chest garment should I wear after I leave the hospital?

Answer: After leaving the hospital, we have patients wear a post-surgical compressive bra.  After three weeks the patient may replace the hospital bra with any sports bra of their choosing.  The bra should allow for two finger breadths of space between the skin and the bra (ie, not too tight, not too loose, simply snug fitting).

Question: Should I wear a compression garment for the abdomen?

Answer: We recommend beginning compression of the abdomen once the drains have been removed.  The compression garment should go from the rib cage to the mid-thigh, ideally.  A “Spanx” or “Maidenform” garment is one such example of a compression garment.

Question: If a wound is irritated or open, what do you recommend?

Answer: We recommend vaseline for any open or irritated wound.  If the wound is seeping any drainage, we recommend that you call our office.


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