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Bianca Chin, MD

Bianca Chin, MD

Board-Certified Female Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Bianca Chin, Midwest Breast & Aesthetic Surgery's female plastic surgeon in Cincinnati, Ohio.Dr. Bianca Chin is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive microvascular surgeon at Midwest Breast & Aesthetic Surgery. Dr. Chin is a self-motivated and progressive thinker that is committed to providing the best care and results for her patients. She was licensed by the State Medical Board of Ohio, State Medical Board of Pennsylvania, and the United States Medical Licensing Examination. She got her certification from American Society of Plastic Surgeons on January 2017.

Education Overview

Dr. Bianca Chin received her medical degree from the University of the West Indies Faculty of Medical Sciences. She completed training in general surgery and plastic surgery at University of Pennsylvania, which included extensive experience at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and affiliated institutions. Dr. Chin was able to learn state of the art techniques from some of the most distinguished plastic surgeons in the field. She also completed a research fellowship in the Craniofacial Research Lab at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Before joining Midwest Breast & Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Bianca Chin first served as a clinical instructor and house staff for general surgery at the University of Pennsylvania. In the same institution, she also became a clinical instructor and house staff at the Division of Plastic Surgery. She also served as chief resident in plastic surgery for both the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Some of Dr. Chin’s peer-reviewed medical articles

  • A Novel Dynamic 3-D Imaging technique Applied for Precise Quantification of the Dynamic Rhytid and Botulinum Toxin Type A (BoNTA) Efficacy
  • Modified Technique Combining Excision of the Levator Muscle and Tarsus for Blepharoptosis in Asians: A 6-Year Experience with 116 Cases
  • Open Splenectomy in Jamaican children with sickle cell disease
  • The Muenke Syndrome Mutation (FgfR3P244R) Causes Cranial Base Shortening Associated with Growth Plate Dysfunction and Premature Perichondrial Ossification in Murine Basicranial Synchondroses

Dr. Bianca Chin while performing surgery at Midwest Breast & Aesthetic Surgery Ohio.She is also a frequent presenter in local, national, and international symposiums about plastic surgery, general surgery, and wound healing. Below are some of her most notable presentations:

  • Patient Perceptions of the Perioperative Care Following Iliac Bone Grafting Surgery: A Survey Based Study of Patients Treated in a Large Academic Medical Center
  • A Quantitative Analysis of Botulinum Toxin type A (BoNTA) formulations: A randomized Double Blind Control Prospective Clinical Trial of Comparative Dynamic Strain Reduction
  • Genetic Characteristics of Regenerative Versus Reparative Fetal Dermal Wounds are Distinctive in All Phases of Wound Healing

Honors and Awards

  • University of Pennsylvania, Center for Human appearance Research grant (2014)
  • University of Pennsylvania Center of Surgical excellence Scholar award (2006)
  • Wound Healing Society Young Investigator Award (2010)
  • European Tissue Repair Society Visiting Young Investigator (2010)

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Chin Today

Dr. Bianca Chin strongly believes that great results make all the difference and ok results are just not good enough. Dr. Chin’s interests in plastic surgery are diverse. She specializes in a wide array of cosmetic, general and reconstructive microsurgery. We are looking forward to giving you only the best and most beautiful procedure outcomes. To learn more about your plastic or reconstructive options, click here to set up a consultation.



Doctor’s Credential


  • M.D., University of the West Indies


  • University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA, Plastic Surgery Residency
  • University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA, General Surgery Residency


  • ASPS – American Society of Plastic Surgery
  • American Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery
  • ABPS – American Board of Plastic Surgery


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