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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Ohio

Midwest Breast and Aesthetics Surgery Breast Augmentation OhioBreast augmentation surgery can increase breast size and improve the fullness of the upper breast. Breast augmentation is generally accomplished by placing implants beneath the breast.  We factor in your goals, dimensions of your breast and body and soft tissues to choose the appropriate type of breast augmentation for you.  While breast augmentation is an effective method for increasing breast size and restoring volume it provides very little lifting of the nipple position. Therefore, in patients whose nipples have descended over time, a mastopexy, or breast lift, may also be necessary to achieve the ideal aesthetic result. There are several additional factors to consider when exploring breast augmentation surgery and evaluating your options:

Breast Implant Types

Breast implants are prosthetic devices approved for permanent implantation. They can be broadly divided into two groups based on their fill composition, saline and silicone. Both types of implants have a silicone shell, however, Saline implants are filled with sterile saline fluid at the time of breast augmentation surgery. Silicone devices have an outer shell that is similar to that of saline devices but is filled with silicone instead of saline.  There are advantages and disadvantages for each type of implant.

Breast Implant Shape

Broadly speaking, implants can be divided into a round and shaped varieties. Just as the name implies, round implants have a round base. The shaped implants have variable shapes that should match the normal contour of the breast. They are sometimes referred to as teardrop or anatomic implants. For a given implant volume, there are many different shapes and projections (profiles).

Breast Implant Placement

One of the most common questions asked about breast augmentation is regarding where the implant will be positioned relative to the muscle. The muscle in question is the pectoralis muscle and is located on the chest beneath the breast tissue. Implants can be inserted above or beneath the muscle. Each of these potential implant locations has advantages and disadvantages and factors such as the starting breast size, nipple position, and surgeon preference should be considered when selecting implant location.

Breast Implant Incision

There are 3 main incision options for breast augmentation. The most common is the inframammary fold incision (beneath the breast in the bra line), along with the outer border of the pigmented part of the nipple (peri-areolar), and near the armpit (Axillary). Each of these approaches has associated advantages and disadvantages.

Breast Implant Size

Implant size is chosen based on the patients’ goals and their unique frame. For a better quality of service, Midwest Breast & Aesthetic Surgery uses a volume sizing system by Mentor. It is designed to help patients have an improved and more accurate assessment when it comes to their breast implant size.

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Highly recommend Dr. Kocak. The whole team from front office to Doctor are caring and very professional. They put me at ease on my first visit and were honest, incredibly knowledgeable and detailed with explaining the procedure......

He wants the best for his patients and make sure his patients are informed so that they can make the right decision for them. The staff, as well as Dr Tiwari, are very nice and always helpful......

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Dr. Kocak and Dr. Tiwari are amazing surgeons.  They are caring, thorough, easy to get in contact with for questions and all around great doctors.  After many years of painful, deformed implant reconstruction I chose to have the DIEP flap reconstruction, Drs. Tiwari and Kocak did a great job......

Breast Augmentation Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between saline and silicone implants?

There are advantages and disadvantages of each type of implant. Saline implants are cheaper and typically require a smaller incision compared to a silicone counterpart.  However, saline implants may look or feel less natural especially in thinner patients. Saline implants also tend to have more rippling than silicone implants but if they rupture the salt water is simply reabsorbed by your body resulting in deflation of the implant that is easily detected by the patient. Silicone implants are softer and more natural feeling and but rupture is more difficult to detect.

Should I have the implants placed over or under the muscle?

Generally speaking placement beneath the muscle is preferred in most patients especially thin patients. Placement above the muscle is considered in larger breasted patients or patients who are very athletic where movement of the implant from lots of muscle activity is not desirable.

How often should my breast implants be replaced?

Both saline and silicone implants may need to be changed after a period of time. The actual period of time and the reason prompting the need to remove or change the implants may vary, but one can expect the average lifespan of an implant to be about 10-15 years.

Can you liposuction fat from other parts of my body and use it to enlarge my breasts?

Large volume fat grafting can be used for breast augmentation in the ideal candidate. It usually requires multiple sessions of fat grafting to achieve optimal results. The final result tends to be less predictable then implant breast augmentation because of the variability on how much of the fat will survive.

Does insurance cover breast implants?

Cosmetic breast augmentation is not covered by insurance. Insurance will only pay for breast implants if they are used in the reconstruction.

I am very active in Crossfit, bodybuilding, fitness modeling, and/or weight training. Does this change how my breast implants should be placed?

There are many factors that determine if your implants should be placed behind or in front of your muscle. If you are very physically active then we will tend more to place your implants in front of the muscle to minimize movement (animation) of the implant during exercise. However, this decision is balanced with other factors such as the amount of breast soft tissue coverage.

Can I breastfeed with implants?

Yes. Breast augmentation does not affect your ability to breastfeed.

Will the feeling in my nipples (nipple sensitivity) change?

In most patients, nipple sensitivity is not affected by breast augmentation. The risk of changes in nipple sensation increases as implant size increases. Incisions around the nipple are also more associated with changes in nipple sensation compared to other incision locations.

What is the best incision? In the fold (inframammary fold), around the nipple (peri areolar), or armpit (axillary)?

Each incision type has its advantages and disadvantages that are tailored specifically to each patient depending on their soft tissue characteristics and desired implant type and size.

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I'm now 7 weeks out from my capsulectomy, and even though I had a few unexpected complications, I don't regret it for one moment! Dr. T is an amazing doctor, and he worked miracles considering what he started with. Not only does it look better, I feel so much better! Thank you to Dr. T and his ......
Thank you so much. Everyone has been so kind. Maggie always has that warm and inviting smile! Dr. Kocak, made me feel confident on my choices. His bed side manner was comforting, reassuring and most of all compassionate! I was scared, lonely and most of all lost. I realize this is his job but, for ......
My RESULTS are WOW. My breasts look really natural and are the perfect size, They look and feel totally natural. I would highly recommend my doctors and suggest that people do not just take my word for it, shop around and compare so you can see for yourself. - SA......
My doctors were great. I was very nerves about my cosmetic surgery he made me feel very comfortable with him he called me (my husband) at home after hours and weekend he was wonderful very caring!!! Great Dr. caring, loving and personable doctor!!!! Highly recommend!!! - AN......
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What is the recovery time for breast augmentation?

Most patients are back to work less than one week after surgery. You will still have some discomfort that can be controlled by other the counter pain medicine.

Can I have other plastic surgery procedures, such as a tummy tuck or liposuction, at the same time as my breast augmentation operation?

Yes. We typically can combine most procedures with breast augmentation.

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