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Liposuction Ohio

Midwest Breast and Aesthetics Surgery Liposuction Ohio

Liposuction surgery is a procedure that uses a suction device to remove fat cells from selected areas of your body. Through small incisions, adipose tissue (fat) is removed in varied amounts from beneath the skin. This has a thinning effect on the tissue and can be used to improve the shape and contour of treated areas. Liposuction can be done as a stand-alone surgery for subtle contour alterations or combined with other procedures like breast augmentations, tummy tucks, and Mommy Makeovers for more dramatic body contouring results.

Types of Liposuction

  • Tumescent Technique
  • Dry Technique
  • Wet Technique
  • Super Wet Technique
  • Ultrasonic (UAL)
  • Vaser Liposuction
  • Power Assisted Techniques (PAL)
  • Laser Liposuction
  • SmartLipo
  • CoolLipo
  • ProLipo PLUS
  • LipoLite
  • LipoTherme and LipoControl
  • Water Jet Assisted Liposuction

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Highly recommend Dr. Kocak. The whole team from front office to Doctor are caring and very professional. They put me at ease on my first visit and were honest, incredibly knowledgeable and detailed with explaining the procedure......

He wants the best for his patients and make sure his patients are informed so that they can make the right decision for them. The staff, as well as Dr Tiwari, are very nice and always helpful......

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Dr. Kocak and Dr. Tiwari are amazing surgeons.  They are caring, thorough, easy to get in contact with for questions and all around great doctors.  After many years of painful, deformed implant reconstruction I chose to have the DIEP flap reconstruction, Drs. Tiwari and Kocak did a great job......

Liposuction Areas

Liposuction is performed in almost every part of the body, but the most popular areas for treatment are located in the waist (to get rid of “love handles”), flanks, hips, upper arms, lower and upper abdomen, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, and back (to make “bra rolls” disappear).

Liposuction Scar

Scarring is largely based on the incisions made in the areas treated. Scars should be expected where the cannulas used to suction targeted fat are inserted. These scars are small, ranging from 4 to 10mm in size, and fade – some into an almost unnoticeable blemish – when healed.In addition, Dr. Ergun Kocak* and Dr. Pankaj Tiwari*  place incisions in the most inconspicuous places as possible (such as natural creases) so that patients may be able to hide the scars under plain clothing and swimwear. 

Liposuction Recovery

Recovery after liposuction varies for each patient and depends on the areas treated and the amount of fat removed. For most, the average recovery time is 2-3 weeks while 1-3 months are needed for your desired results to show after swelling has subsided. Following post-surgery tips religiously from your trusted plastic surgeon makes a great difference in speeding up your recovery.  We firmly believe in the value of compression garments after liposuction.   After any surgical procedure, swelling tends delay a return to full activity.  Compression garments for six weeks after surgery allow for a more timely resolution of the post-operative swelling.  We tell patients that the peak times to wear post-operative garments is in the afternoon and early evening as this is the time of day that patients report feeling swollen.  We do not typically recommend that patients wear compression garments at night.  Post-operative compression garments not only help to reduce swelling but also help the skin ‘shrink-wrap’ back to fit the now newly sculpted area after liposuction.  Such compression helps to eliminate any unsightly excess, loose or hanging skin after liposuction.Click here to read more about post-operative care instructions.

Liposuction Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a good candidate for liposuction?

The best candidates are individuals who are healthy and have no serious medical conditions, which can hamper the healing process. Liposuction is ideal when the overlying skin is not too loose and there is no excessive quantity of adipose tissue. Patients should also be within 30% of their ideal weight and have good muscle tone.

How do I ready myself for liposuction?

To ensure the best results, it is essential to ready the body – to be in a healthy and stable weight before the procedure. Stop smoking 2 months prior since nicotine in cigarettes impedes healing. At the same time, Dr. Kocak and Dr. Tiwari advise patients to avoid taking aspirin and specific NSAIDs as they increase the chances of bleeding.

How long does liposuction surgery typically take?

Patients’ experiences depend on the area treated and the amount of fat removed. A typical liposuction procedure lasts about 1-2 hours. Dr. Kocak and Dr. Tiwari make small incisions in the treatment area and inject a tumescent solution for easier fat removal, and finally suction the fat with small cannulas.

How long does it take for liposuction bruising to go away?

Significant improvement in bruising can be expected within the first 3 weeks after the procedure. Most bruises are fully resolved after 3-6 months.  It is important to avoid any herbal dietary supplements as these can lead to post-operative bruising, on occasion.

Are liposuction results permanent?

Liposuction results are permanent. Fat cells will not grow in the treated area – they are removed forever, letting you enjoy a new body shape. If patients gain excessive weight, they will only have a bigger version of their current body silhouette.

Nonetheless, Midwest Breast & Aesthetics Surgery reminds patients not to take their new shape for granted. While liposuction results are always apparent, aging can still affect their figures. Eating a healthy diet and regular exercise go a long way in keeping results long-lasting.

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I'm now 7 weeks out from my capsulectomy, and even though I had a few unexpected complications, I don't regret it for one moment! Dr. T is an amazing doctor, and he worked miracles considering what he started with. Not only does it look better, I feel so much better! Thank you to Dr. T and his ......
Thank you so much. Everyone has been so kind. Maggie always has that warm and inviting smile! Dr. Kocak, made me feel confident on my choices. His bed side manner was comforting, reassuring and most of all compassionate! I was scared, lonely and most of all lost. I realize this is his job but, for ......
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How long should I wear compression garment after liposuction?

Dr. Kocak and Dr. Tiwari instruct patients to wear compression garments to reduce post-operative swelling and bleeding. Doing so also helps maintain the new body contour.  Compression garments should be worn by patients for 6 weeks.

When am I allowed to start exercising?

Most patients can resume their normal activities after 1 week, but should refrain from exercising or going to the gym for at least a month after the procedure. However, patients are encouraged to engage in daily light walking or executing light movements after surgery – provided they are lucid despite post-operative medications.  At one month, we recommend that patients begin ½ strength and ½ duration exercise.   An example of this would be if you enjoy spending 40 minutes on the elliptical, at one month, we will have you spend 20 minutes on a setting that is ½ as fast.

Is it normal to experience numbness or hypersensitivity?

Numbness is a normal, temporary after-effect of liposuction. This “thickened” feeling on the treated areas is most likely caused by trauma from the cannulas, bruising the deeper fatty tissues. Often, numbness is resolved after 3-4 weeks but other patients may have to wait for 3-4 months.

Hypersensitivity, also known as burning pain, should be expected by patients after liposuction. The sensation is primarily caused by the traumatized or stretched sensory nerves in the treated areas. During the healing process, these nerves may become inflamed – creating “burning” or “raw” pain many patients experience. Hypersensitivity diminishes within 6-8 weeks as patients go through their recovery period.

When am I allowed to travel?

Being confined to an airplane seat for more than two hours increases the risk of blood clotting in the legs (deep vein thrombosis). Surgeons advise patients to wait at least 2-3 weeks after their liposuction procedure before flying.

When am I allowed to go swimming or take a bath?

Liposuction patients should avoid swimming until their wounds are completely healed to avoid infection. This should come about 2-3 weeks after the liposuction procedure. The same applies to long, hot tub baths. Taking short showers are allowed 24 hours after the surgery provided no scrubbing is involved.

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