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Breast Reconstruction Michigan

Breast reconstruction is a procedure that aims to recreate normal breast anatomy for women who have undergone a mastectomy in the treatment of cancer. There are many breast reconstruction options, but one of the most popular is the DIEP Flap technique – considered the gold standard in the field of breast reconstruction.

Are you a Michigan-based patient interested in having DIEP Flap or another breast reconstruction procedure but don’t know where to begin your search? Get world-class, state-of-the-art breast reconstruction surgery at Midwest Breast & Aesthetic Surgery in nearby Ohio.

Rated as the best facility for DIEP Flap procedures in Ohio and the entire Midwest, the practice is led by top breast reconstruction surgeons – Dr. Ergun Kocak and Dr. Pankaj Tiwari – who have been perfecting the popular technique since 2007. We recommend Michigan patients to take the trip down south for surgery and care that is of the highest quality in the country.

DIEP Flap Michigan

DIEP Flap is a complex microsurgical procedure that requires equally competent breast reconstruction surgeons to yield the safest and most aesthetically pleasing results for patients. Our physicians have been consistently ranked as a few of the top DIEP Flap doctors in the state and have the experience and skills to make every moment of your trip to Ohio worthwhile.

Traveling From Michigan

From Michigan, Ohio is a short 3-and-a-half hour trip. For such a quick and easy trip, you will be able to receive the best reconstructive surgery experience from the best DIEP Flap surgeons in the Midwest.

  • By Car
    From Detroit, Ohio is roughly 3 hours away via I-75 S. If you are coming from Lansing, the fastest way to reach Ohio is by taking US-23 which will be a quick 3-and-a-half-hour drive.
  • By Plane
    If you are more a plane-person, the average roundtrip ticket from Michigan to Ohio costs around $270 including taxes. With a short 30-minute flight, you can already get the best breast reconstruction treatment from Midwest Breast’s highly trained doctors. Make sure that your destination is either to Columbus International Airport (CMH) or the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport (CVG).
  • By Train
    Amtrak offers train rides from Detroit, MI (DET) to Cincinnati, OH – Greyhound Bus Station (CIG) which can last for 13 hours. It also serves other Michigan stations.

Rent a Car

If you ever need car rental service, listed below are rental car agencies recognized by the Detroit Metropolitan Way County Airport.

Local Driving Directions to Midwest Breast Offices

As soon as you arrive in Ohio, you can easily visit any of our branches placed in the state’s main cities. Our branches are located in Gahanna, Columbus, and Springfield. The nearest office to Michigan is our Dublin and Gahanna office, but you are free to choose the branch you prefer to have the consultation. To get specific directions, click the links of any branch you want to visit:


"Dr Tiwari Thanks for being one of the good guys I pray God blesses you and your family for blessing others I know I will be sending other women with BII your way PS your staff rocks too..."
"Hi Dr Kocak I just wanted to say thank you for putting this broken girl back together Youve always been so kind and patient with me - and always enjoy your sense of humor Thank you for coming to Marietta and taking great care of me You and Tiwari were the best - the staff still talks about ..."
"Dr Tiwari Thanks for the tip on using Cayenne Id love to have the literature on that because Ill put it on my blog May help someone else too..."
"Dr Tiwari - So I researched for months interviewed 4 surgeons before I watched on of your on-line videos thought at the time the idea of traveling so far seemed extreme to have surgery after talking to you over the phone for the first time my mind was at east about all of it and I ..."
"After being diagnosed with Breast Cancer for the third time I underwent a double mastectomy and unfortunately developed lymphedema in my arm This complication was due to the fact that I had 12-13 lymph nodes removed the second time I had breast cancer The swelling in my arm was so bad I was ..."

Where to Stay

We strive to make your trip the most satisfying as possible, so we listed some of the best hotels and accommodations around town where you and your family can rest and spend the night in. Click here for the full list and their check-in prices.

What to Do

One of the many benefits of out of town patients is that they can decide whether or not to include a mini vacation on their travel plans. Columbus and Cincinnati are beautiful cities with plenty of tourist attractions. If you decide to stay for a few days, click here to check out some of our picks for you and your family to enjoy.

Where to Eat

From fine dining to casual restaurants, Ohio has lots to offer when it comes to indulging yourself to the perfect meal. Find out the best places to eat in Ohio here.

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