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The first cut is the DIEPest

Until you are in the position where you must decide on which type of breast reconstruction you want or what type is best for your body and individual situation, you probably never realized how many options there are. While breast reconstruction can never mimic natural breasts completely, there is an option that comes quite close. […]

Should Women With Silicone Breast Implants Have Follow-Up MRI Scans

Implant rupture is the most common reason for removing a breast implant after a surgery. Moreover, the US Food and Drug Administration recommends follow-up MRI scans for women with breast implants. Yet, recent findings cast doubts on MRI’s ability to capture ruptured implants. This includes scans performed on women who don’t show symptoms. The Discrepancies […]

RECAP: New Year, New You: Everything to Know about Breast Implants & Augmentation

On Saturday morning, January 8th, board-certified Dr. Bianca Chin and myself, hosted New Year, New You: Everything to Know about Breast Implants & Augmentation. The special was broadcasted across the internet through Facebook Live, available to patients and virtually anyone who ever wanted to know about Breast Augmentation and Implants. The broadcast was a sixteen-minute […]

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