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My Experience at the 2016 ASPS Meeting #WeAreAesthetics

we-are-aesthetics-bianca-chin-mdThe Aesthetic meeting is the one of the largest plastic surgery
educational meetings with a primary focus on aesthetics. This ye
ar the meeting was in Las Vegas … oh Yes…Vegas baby! #ASAPS2016 #weareaesthetics.

It was a fun meeting that was jam packed with educational courses and lectures in all aspects of aesthetic surgery. What I really liked about this meeting is the drive to keep pushing the envelope and being innovative so that we can improve our patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Here are some snap shots of a few of the sessions and my take aways. Not everything stays in Vegas 😉

Everybody hates drains!

I thought these scientific sessions talking about drains in abdominoplasty were not only applicable to my abdominoplasty patients but also to my DIEP flap breast reconstruction patients. Every patient hates drains and most times complain more about the drains than anything else in their surgical recovery. I think we can incorporate these techniques and even if were are unable to totally eliminate drains in the abdomen we might be able to decrease the duration and number of drains that we use to improve patient comfort and recovery.

The use of breast implants whether for augmentation or reconstruction can have issues with animation deformity where contraction of the pectoralis muscle results in movement of the implant. This panel was very informative on ways to minimize and address this animation deformity.



This was my favorite session of the entire meeting.

In my mind, breast reconstruction is where aesthetics and reconstructive surgery become one. This panel talked about the all the methods and adjuncts that we have available to improve results in our breast reconstruction patients. There was a lot of discussion about fat grafting, direct to implant reconstruction, implant selection and autologous reconstruction.

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