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2014 Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Statistics

2014 Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Statistics


Curious about cosmetic plastic surgery in numbers? Midwest Breast & Aesthetic Surgery2014 Cosmetics Plastic Surgery Statistics sifted through a year’s worth of data and analyses to give patients or potential patients a comprehensive look on people’s cosmetic choices for 2014.


We listed down the top surgical and minimally-invasive procedures, and went one step further by indicating corresponding increases and decreases in demand for each. Over-all, there’s been a general decrease in top surgical procedures matched by a majority increase in minimally-invasive ones.


Liposuction remains a favorite among patients, reflected by a 5% increase – the highest among cosmetic surgery types. Chemical peels, on the other hand, manifested a 7% increase – topping botulinum toxin type a’s (popularly called Botox) increase by a percent.


Of course, plastic surgery also has its reconstructive side, which registered 5.7 million procedures last year alone. The total number of the top 5 cosmetic surgeries done in the same period – 1.6 million – pale in comparison. But minimally-invasive procedures overwhelm both with 13.9 million in total from its own list of patients’ favorites.


About the Author

Ergun Kocak

Dr. Ergun Kocak, MD, MS, is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery of the breast using DIEP, SIEA GAP, TUG, PAP, and direct-to-implant, in Columbus and Cincinnati, OH.
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